A Celebration of Life Through Self-Expression


Art As Therapy


Many have heard the term Art Therapy and are familiar with the concept of using art in therapy to contribute to healing. But have you heard of using art as therapy? 


Using art as a therapeutic resource opens many doors to a

variety of people; some who seek wellness and wholeness, those experiencing times of difficulty, and all of us who seek greater self awareness.  


Art can be another language to communate with others, children, partners, friends and loved ones.


Contemporary writers from art therapy and other disciplines continue to explore the notion of art practice for the art therapy purpose of personal exploration and growth. (Allen, 1995, Cameron & Bryan, 1992; Moon 2002) and re evaluate the traditional boundaries between personal and public art (Lachman-Chapin et al., 1999, Sigler, 1993; Spaniol, 1990; Vick, 2000). 



How does the brain respond to art?  


…It is suspected that human civilization developed art to inquire about the complicated process of the mind. Also, as a means to comfort the pain of others. This development speaks to our human response to human feelings, both positive and negative.


Art has always been a part of human civilization.  It is only been since WWII, that it has been properly recognized for its restorative and transformative qualities.


We can gather in the professional therapeutic environment in a natural and organic way to work through difficulty is a way that art and connection to community used to do.


"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say other ways - things I had no words for"

                   ~Georgia O'Keefe

The Artist Well