A Celebration of Life Through Self-Expression


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Creative Art Therapies - Self Regulation Therapy SRT- Expressive Arts Groups


What is Creative Art Therapy?


Creative Art Therapy combines the creative process with psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding. This way of working integrates the many modes of creative expression and art making, craft and creative engagement. 

This multi-modality approach to creativity is available for everyone, not only artists. Celebrating creative potential shapes our capability to be co-creators of our own lives. We can give shape to our heart’s desires when we discover our unique talents.

Time for Serious PLay: Womens Expressive arts

invites you to step out of the day to day busyness, to slow down to connect with your creative self.  Facilitators:  Janet Stalenhoef and Mary Norton offering gentle invitations for you to explore and express through movement, music and visual arts.

                    NO ART EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

Self -Regulation Therapy (SRT)?


The Goal is to improve and restore our sense of personal wellbeing. We all want to step into the JOY of our lives.


SRT is a non-cathartic mind/body approach to therapy aimed at diminishing excess activation in the nervous system.

                Established through the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education.

Spontaneous and Expressive Painting


Working with no formal plan is valid. The art studio can be a small sanctuary where we can slow time and connect with ourselves. Finding an internal source of inspiration can be a form of emotional liberation.


Working together in the studio, I facilitate with some or no painting instruction. I meet individual needs within the group setting

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