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Janet Stalenhoef (The Artist Well) and Mary Norton (HeartSpace Studio)

are offering a selection of opportunities that invite you to connect with your creative selves and celebrate the creative process.







A Celebration of Life Through Self-Expression


Connecting to the Creative Self      Facilitator: Mary Norton

Do you want to open a window to your creative self? Based on the Open Studio Process, these sessions will invite you to combine free-spirited art making with thoughtful writing and an option to share what you write. Through this process we may access our inner wisdom, expand our intuition and tap into our creative resources. Mary offers a clear structure with much room to explore.


                                                       Expressive Arts Playshop                                          


A workshop environment using a variety of art materials, and gentle art making invitations. Within the therapeutic container of a workshop-playshop, group work is facilitated with a focus on exploring self-expression and creativity through a low skill high sensitivity lens. Individual work done in a group setting is intended to provide opportunities for self exploration and expression. For new comers to the art materials as well as for those more experienced in their art-making practice this is a time to relax, recharge and refresh while making connections with your inner self through the creative process.


Tuesdays and Thursdays-Select Afternoons and Evenings Call for Schedule and Details $50.00 ea.(2 for $90.00)

                                                            Spontaneous Painting                                                     


A group studio environment is created to support expressive and spontaneous painting. Working with no formal plan is valid. The art studio can be a small sanctuary where we can slow time and connect with ourselves. Finding an internal source of inspiration can be a form of emotional liberation and personal insights for meaning making. Painting instruction is provided to support those who desire a little direction. For those who want to freely explore the materials using their own unique techniques I am there to support and facilitate this approach as well. This exploration is about the creative process as opposed to the product.


Tuesdays and Thursdays-Select Afternoons and Evenings Call for Schedule and Details $50.00 ea.(2 for $90.00)

Art of Self-Care for Helping Professionals  Facilitated by

Mary Norton / Janet Stalenhoef

We often advise our clients and participants to take time for self-care, yet we may be challenged to do this for ourselves. These sessions will invite you to step out of day to day challenges and stresses, connect with your creative self, and unwind at the end of the week. Based on the Open Studio Process (see above) the sessions will include art making, reflective writing, and the option to share your art and writing with others. (Also offered in November / December.)

Fee: $35 per session

The Artist Well