A Celebration of Life Through Self-Expression


One on One Session                                                                                       $85.00

1 hour


Explore the creative process as a way to discover yourself and/or move through times of difficulty during this 1 hour session. No previous art experience is required and it is great for both adults and children.


Groups of 2 or More                                                                      $60.00 - $75.00

1 hour


Discover your creative side while sharing it with the people you are close to. Enjoy a 1 hour session of expressive art exploration together. No art experience is required for this session. 


Also Available                                                                                                


1.5 hour Session                                                                                              $125.00

Longer sessions can be requested to give more time to connect and communicate. 



How To Session                                                                                              $50.00

Learn the skills of drawing, painting and sculpting through a led session with Janet. 


Using Art Making & Movement as a

Therapeutic Process


The Artist Well