Journeying into the world of art making reveals inner beauty and joy, along with our resilient ability to engage in creative problem solving when we find ourselves on the road traveled during difficulty.


I use a gentle non-cathartic body-centered approach to psychotherapy using the therapeutic processes of Creative Arts Therapies and Self Regulation Therapy SRT.  I work with children and adults.


I hold a belief that the creative process has health benefits and promotes wholeness in one’s being. Whether one engages in art making as a form of mindfulness, or for the purpose of journeying closer to our essential self, we enrich our lives by opening up the power of our imagination to discover our own inner insights, and resilience through enhancing self-awareness.  


The therapeutic work in my studio is focused on returning to the 'joy of life' and to moving out of a feeling of being stuck into the flow of living our best life.


Integration of creative art therapies and SRT combines the creative process with the most recent neurobiological research on trauma treatment. Facilitating  self-exploration and self- understanding attempts to counter non-conscious mind-body processes which act as the driving force in behaviours and coping strategies that contribute to maintaining dysfunctional patterns.

The Thinker

The Artist Well


Janet Stalenhoef


Art Therapist

Expressive Art Therapist

Self Regulation Therapy Practitioner

Master Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling Psychotherapy

 B.Ed (early childhood education) - Liberal Arts (Cert.)




A Celebration of Life Through Self-Expression


The Artist Well